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Features – 3D Map Generator – Atlas

Heightmap Tools

  • Extensive tools to generate and edit your own heightmap
  • Up to 6000 x 6000 px heightmaps
  • Heightmapper access
  • 60+ heightmap brushes new_sticker
  • Auto-Heightmaps function new_sticker
  • Add level feature new_sticker
  • Resize Doc function new_sticker
  • Additional shortcodes features new_sticker

3D Map features

  • Real 3D maps of every heightmap
  • 8 isometric directions as preset
  • Map height and dimension setting
  • Map and light reset function
  • Map reminder function
  • Real 3D shadow
  • 3D file export (Collada, STL, OBJ, U3D)
  • 3D printable maps

Design Tools

  • Contour lines tool
  • Map edge color picker tool
  • Guides tool
  • Grid tool
  • 16 editable gradient presets
  • 22 seamless textures for your own surface texture
  • Auto-Texturing tool
  • Different texturing brushes
  • 21 stunning background presets

Icon Library

  • 82 additional icons
  • Icons Library function to add your own icons

Did you also buy our isometric icon sets? Then just select the folder „psds_single“ in the set to load the editable icons into the panel.

Auto-Heightmaps Tool

With the new Auto-Heightmaps feature there are 7 different One-Click random heightmap styles that automatically create for you.. You can take it as it is or use it as a good starting point for your own heightmap drawing. Auto-heightmaps can be easily combined or be painted over.

Auto-Texturing Tool

With the new Auto-Texturing tool there are 8 different One-Click textures sets that automatically draw the map surface for you. You can take it as it is or use it as a good starting point for your own texture drawing.

Surface Gradient Presets

With the help of the 16 gradient presets it’s easy to generate illustrative map surfaces in no time. They can be used as default or as a basis for texturising. From abundant vegetation, desolate ice landscape, barren desert or lava landscape these gradient presets are able to picture everything. Of course all presets are fully editable. As a special there is a height color preset with color scale ready to be generated at the push of a button.

Seamless Textures and Brushes

Every map has its own surface texture requirements. With the 22 high quality textures and the 7 different brushes almost every surface can be built in a fast and professional way. Simply click on the desired texture and start texturing. Every seamless texture has its own presetting of brushes, that can, of course, be edited to fit your personal requirements.

Background Presets

21 stunning background presets will give your map the final touch. From an emotional sunset to a technical looking background it suits any requirement. As a special there is also a background with freely selectable color and isometric grid.

What you get – The Package

Package Details

  • Currently supporting Photoshop CC 2015.5 and newer. Prerequisite is the English version of Photoshop!Plugin for Mac and PC. Also included is a manual installation set with all required functions, brushes, styles and shapes
  • Additional isometric icon set as PSD, PNG and JPG
  • Short instructions PDF and extensive online documetation
  • Tutorial videos
  • Free updates

Additional isometric Icons

  • 82 editable isometric Icons: Compass, distance scale, flags, labels, map shields, pins, altocumulus cloud, cirrus clouds, cumulus clouds, nimbostratus cloud, sun, whirlwind, ash cloud, bush, shark, airplane, buoy, sailing ship, fish swarm, conifers, coniferous forest, deciduous forest, fir, grass, palm trees, reed, birds, city, house, rocks, solar panel, solar panel field, village, wind turbine, wind turbine field, car


If you need support or help: you get it! Please log in to your envato account. Use the email form at our profile page to contact us.

If you are reporting an issue:

  • give us as much information as possible (Photoshop Version, Extension Manager Version, OS version)
  • tell us what exactly you have done
  • screenshots are helpful
  • videos are very helpful (try this free app)

Additional Basic Icons and Elements

All details and purchase options can be found on our envato homepage.