How it Works – Game Map Generator
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How it works

With only one click you can create any possible map size for which every isometric icon and character animation is suitable! As default textures there are 3 different surfaces available: grass, desert and ice/snow. In addition 4 grid versions can be shown if necessary.

For basic design there are 60 isometric high quality icons available. But also every other icon can be used. If the plugin is used with Photoshop CC-2014 / 2015, there is an Icon Library Function additionally available. With it you can load your own icons (PSD or PNG) directly into the plugin. So it is very easy to retrieve every icon and to scale it with the useful scale function.

A GMG Element in 2 easy steps

The heart of the plugin are the 23 detailed GMG Elements: different kind of water bodies, paths, streets, ditches, canyons, plateaus, lava ravines through grass, snow/ice and desert. These can be built out of any shape – no matter if pixel, vector, Smart Object or text layer.

The procedure is very simple: create a basic shape and then click on the desired GMG Element. The basic shape can be created with one of the five brushes from the panel. Simply click on ADD LAYER and start drawing. The Game Map Generator will create a detailed GMG Element of it, that can be edited afterwards.

Step 1. Draw your basic shape
vector, smart object, pixel or text shape

Step 2. Choose a
GMG Element

That’s it!

isometric transform tool

With the additional Isometric Transform Tool every 2D shape can be transformed to the correct isometric perspective. That is very useful especially if the basic shape for a GMG Element is not already set in the correct perspective.

 (the basic shape is used to create the Game Map Genarator Elements, like water bodies, streets and so on). Also for icon designers the Isometric Transform Tool is a great assistant.

Bring your basic shape (for creating GMG Elements)
into an isometric orientation

3 Special Brushes

Special Brushes
Flowers, shoot, grass



Random Textures



Daisy and Clover

Functions in detail

Map and Tools


Simply insert the desired map size and here it goes! The app creates a map with grass surface and isometric grid. The default surface can easily be changed to desert or snow/ice. The isometric grid can be changed or hidden as required.


With the global light function you can set the light incidence for the whole document. All settings are editable at any time. With the Isometric Transform Tool all basic shapes (for creating the GMG Elements), all text layers and every other simple shapes can be transformed into an isometric perspective.

GMG Elements

To create a GMG Element (i.e. Game Map Generator Element), a basic shape has to be created first. This can be a pixel shape, a vector shape, a Smart Object or a text layer. To create a pixel shape, first click ADD LAYER. An empty layer will be made and a brush pre-selected. You can start drawing immediately by using the Game Map Generator brushes or one of your own. If you are done, click on the desired GMG Element. Make sure that the basic shape is selected.


The original basic shape remains unchanged and is now found in the “original_shape” folder in the just made GMG Element. So it can still be edited or used again for another GMG Element.



To create a texture layer, just click on one of the 18 textures. The app will create a texture layer in the folder “surface_texture_group”. The surface that should be textured can be edited by painting on the mask. Therefore the mask must always be selected – not only the layer!


Every texture is allocated to one of the pre-set brushes, but of course you can also use your own brushes instead. With the special brushes it is very easy to conjure up little flowers, tendrils or grass. A whole carpet of flowers, mushrooms or clover with only one click can be made with one of the three random textures. All areas that should not be textured can be covered by using a mask.



In the tab „Icons“ you can find all the 60+ basic icons. It is also possible to load your own icons into the panel. You can upload PNG files or PSD files with only one layer:

1. Select the icon folder
2. Thumbnails are generated automatically
3. The icons can be loaded


At the first load of an own icons folder a „thumbnail“ folder will be generated. If the folder should be filled with new icons, first the „thumbnails“ folder has to be deleted manually to upload all icons into the panel.

NOTE: Did you also buy the isometric icon sets from us? Then easily select the folder „psds_single“ in the set to load the editable icons into the panel.

PDF Download

Game Map Generator – Overview:

Description PDF

All details and purchase options can be found on our envato homepage.