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Game Map Generator

Available for PC and MAC as Plugin for
Photoshop CS6, CC
-2014 and higher


Build your own map or background for your game! By using the Game Map Generator it is as easy and fast as never before to create maps and backgrounds for many different game genres like e.g. Role-Playing Games or MMORPG, Tower Defense and other Real-Time Strategy.

With only one click you can create any possible map size for which every isometric icon and character animation is suitable! It all makes this little app very versatile and applicable in multiple ways. Perfect for game developers with little Photoshop knowledge, but also essential for professional game developers as a big time saver.

Application Examples

Game Map Generator

The „Game Map Generator “ creates professional game maps
which are perfect for:


  • Tower Defense
  • Role playing games (RPG)
  • Match-3
  • Puzzle
  • Adventure
  • Strategy
  • much more

Teaser Video

Build Game Maps and Backgrounds


The Game-Map-Generator (GMG) is available as a Photoshop CS6, CC-2014, CC-2015+ Panel with an easy to use surface. GMG creates professional Game Maps in isometric orientations. The heart of the plugin are the 23 detailed GMG Elements: different kind of water bodies, paths, streets, ditches, canyons, plateaus, lava ravines through grass, snow/ice and desert. With the 18 high quality textures and the 7 different brushes almost every surface can be built in a fast and professional way. For basic design there are 60 isometric high quality icons available.

All details and purchase options can be found on our envato homepage.