Tutorials – 3D Map Generator – GEO
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Tutorials for the 3D Map Generator – GEO

How to create an 3D map cross-section

Advanced tutorial 7:23 min

This video shows how to create a 3D map cross-section with the 3d-Map-Generator-GEO. Used shortcuts in this tutorial video:
Dragging a mask from layer to layer
PC Strg+alt+drag / MAC CMD+alt+drag
Selection from a layer mask
PC Strg+click into the layer mask / MAC CMD+click into the layer mask

Update – 3D Map Generator GEO – v1.5

See what’s new 6:28 min

We’ve updated the 3D Map Generator GEO to v1.5! The update is FREE if you have a standard copy. If not get it now!

3D Map Generator GEO – Teaser Fall 2015

Teaser Fall 2015 5:00 min

Demo video for the 3D-Map-Generator-GEO.