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A custom 3D Map in 3 easy steps

Step 1. Draw your basic shape
vector, smart object, pixel or text shape

Step 2. Generate an
isometric 3D Map

Step 3. Add Layer
and set the Light

How it works

With the new features and tools of the 3D Map Generator – GEO it is possible to create geopraphical 3D maps very fast. Basic functions like for example the 3 isometric orientations, the map height, the Global Light function remained the same as of the 3D Map Generator 2. For creating maps with a smaller map scale, that means displaying a bigger area as a 3D map, we developed completely new tools and textures.

The most important tool is the Heights and Depths tool from the Top-Layer-Designer. With pre-made brushes there can be marked specific areas that should be rendered either as as an elevation or a topographic depression.

With the Auto Texturing Function there will automatically be created a basic texture from the hand drawn heights and depths. The surface texture can now be refined with numerous pre-made textures or own textures and there can be generated grids and fake contour lines from the heights and depths. The once drawn heights and depths as well as the textures can be changed and edited at any time.

Change also the colour of the side surface and add trees and waters by using the pre-made brushes and your 3D map will look really good!

Create Heights and Depths in 3 steps

Step 1. Draw in the
high and low areas

Step 2. Render the
heights and depths

Step 3. Texturing the Top Layer by using the Auto-Texturing function, design the map side surface and place some icons

Functions in detail

3D Map


As a base shape there can be used pixel shapes, text layer, vector layer or Smart Objects. The size of the base area is freely selectable and sets the size of the 3D Map. The finished 3D Map will be automatically generated in a 300 dpi document.


Note: The recommended base shape size is up to 1000 x 1000 px (this produces a 3D Map size of ca 1750 x 1100 px). All panel elements like textures and brushes are conformed to that size. Of course generally every base shape size is possible. But the manageable size of the map depends also on the performance of your computer.

Top Layer Designer


Open and close the Top-Layer
Press the OPEN button to open the Top-Layer. This process can take a bit time because the folder structure will be checked and updated first.


The CLOSE button closes the Top-Layer. When doing this, all no longer required layers like GUIDES and heights and depths will be set invisible while effects and texture folders will be shown. Shall some special layers not be visible, too, they have to be set invisible directly in the folder. The CLOSE button does not generate heights and depths, it only saves the changes at the texture.


Use the 7 pre-built brushes to texturize the terrain or to create paths, roads and waters. Play around with the size and the opacity of the brushes. Of course you can also use your own brushes.

Heights and Depths
Positions and area sizes are set by using heights and depths layers.
The layers will be generated automatically when you press the re-spective button. Also for editing and reworking these two buttons can be used. As soon as you click the button, the required brushes will be load so that you can start drawing immediately. Of course you can also use all other brushes to draw in heights and depths.

When finished, the heights and depths will be rendered by clicking the APPLY button. Depending on the map size that process can take a few minutes. Afterwards the Top-Layer will be closed automatically and has to be opened again for further editing.

The DELETE button deletes the drawn in areas in the Top-Layer.     However it doesn‘t delete the already generated heights and depths on the 3D Map. Shall these been deleted, too, the APPLY button has to be clicked additionally.

The GUIDES button creates outlines in the guides folder. They can be very useful to see where the heights and depths are exactly located while texturing the surface.

This is how heights and depths behave:
Generally heights are deleted by depths. That means that drawn in heights areas will be deleted if depths are drawn in at the same place.


Style Layer
Within the Top-Layer there can be placed every texture, marking, lettering or other stuff. Please put them into the folder „texturing“. For generating a new texture layer, choose one of the style layers. A new style layer will automatically be placed on the topmost level in the „texturing“ folder.

With the Auto Texturing function there will be created a basic texture that can be of course refined afterwards. This function considers the drawn in heights and depths.

At the moment there are 3 effects available. The Contour-Lines function generates fake contour lines und considers the drawn in heights and depths. You can set your own color. Grid 1 and 2 generate grids  that will be visible on the 3D Map. However you can only use one of both grids at a time.

Brushes and Textures

Auto Texturing Presets



Here you can set the layer structure and color. Beside 9 color presets you can also use your own layer color.


The effects gravel, spume und grass edges can be used independently of each other. For details on the surface you can use the effect brushes. At the moment there are 2 tree brushes and one water brush available. Simply select one of them and start to draw on the map surface.


There are also 12 different background presets available.

Style the Edges



In the tab „Icons“ you can find all the 33 basic icons. It is also possible to load your own icons into the panel. You can upload PNG files or PSD files:

1. Select the icon folder
2. Thumbnails are generated automatically
3. The icons can be loaded


At the first load of an own icons folder a „thumbnail“ folder will be generated. If the folder should be filled with new icons, first the „thumbnails“ folder has to be deleted manually to upload all icons into the panel.

NOTE: Did you also buy the isometric icon sets from us? Then easily select the folder „psds_single“ in the set to load the editable icons into the panel.

global light 3d map GEO

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3D Map Generator – GEO – Overview:

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