3D Map Generator – 3D Mapper – Landing
The 3D Map Generator is a Photoshop plugin that makes it possible to generate 3D maps.
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Location Browser

Find almost any place on earth right in Photoshop. Choose from different textures.


GPX Import

Import your GPX track directly into Photoshop and generate a 3D map including a route.


Fully editable

Define position, rotation, texture, light and size of the map scene.


3D Elements

Place various 3D elements like pointers, pins, flags and info cards on your 3D map.

Find Your Area

Location Browser


With the integrated Location Browser it is possible to find and download map areas from almost every place on earth directly in Photoshop. The Location Browser has its own search function, but you can also use coordinates or Google Map URL. Additionally there is a GPX file upload available to create maps with a track on it.


You can also choose between different map textures (OpenStreetMap, OpenTopoMap, Satellite) and map set sizes (1024px up to 3072px at 96 dpi). The sizes available depend on the zoom level and the selected tile set.

3D Map your Ideas

3D-Mapper Photoshop Plug-in


Search and create real 3D maps of almost every place on earth directly in Photoshop or upload your own GPX files. Use different map modes and be creative in customizing your 3D map. Various 3D elements turn the map into an informative and impressive eye-catcher. Render the final 3D map right in Photoshop and choose between different export formats to publish, share and even print your map. You need a legal commercial use? No worries, we have a solution for that too.


Minimum System Requirements

A Route To Your Map

GPX File Import


A GPX file is a GPS data file saved in the GPS exchange format. It contains longitude and latitude location data that may include waypoints, routes, and tracks.


3D Mapper allows you to upload GPX files directly into Photoshop and to create 3D maps with real tracks on it.

Touch Your Map

3D Print

Give your map

a further dimension

with 3D printing.

Be Creative

3D Elements

More than 20 additional 3D elements

to customize your map and to

live out your creativity.

Fully Editable

Map Editor


With simple plug-in control elements  the generated 3D map can be easily scaled an rotated. These control elements only affect the 3D map, not the scene.


Work faster with useful shortcuts:

  • 3D Tools selects the scene and Photoshop 3D tools
  • Map Surface opens the surface material of the 3D Map
  • Edge Color changes the map edge color
  • Reset Light
  • Render
  • 3D Photo creates an image set that can be published an shared on Facebook as a 3D photo

Variety of uses

3D File Export

The 3D scenes can be exported as different file formats:
DAE, STL, OBJ, GLB (from CC-2020) and U3D

Share as Facebook 3D-Photo



Share your 3D maps and scenes as 3D photos on Facebook. Your post will be an eye-catcher! With just one click the corresponding shortcut creates a complete image set in the required size on your desktop. All you have to do is post it!

3D-Mapper Features Overview

3D-Mapper Examples

About 3D Map Generators

3D Map your ideas

The 3D Map Generators are Photoshop plugins that make it possible to generate 3D maps very fast and dead easy. The result is really professional but doesn’t require any advanced Photoshop knowledge.



As a basis there can be used every vector shape, text, pixel or smart object. For the new 3D Map Generator – Terrain you can use every grayscale heightmap! The generated maps are ready to customize and can be edited at any time.

Afterwards you can add lawn (grass), sand, snow, desert, text, symbols, 2D maps (e.g. Google maps) or an individual texture to the map surface. You can draw in streets, routes, lakes, rivers and other kind of waters. With the 3D Map Generator GEO it’s even possible to generate real heights and depths on the surface to picture mountains, valleys and other topographic elevations and depressions.

Color and structure of the map’s side surface can be changed and edited easily. It’s possible to define lights and shadows and edit them whenever it’s needed. The maps have no limit in size and height and can be printed without any problems.

There are different textures, presets and brushes available to design your map, additionally to the tons of icons and elements that are perfectly matched to the 3D map.
The generated maps as well as the additional icons have an isometric orientation. Because of this fact it’s no problem to use icons made by yourself or purchased from other providers.

Examples of use

You can use the 3D maps for location plans, infographics, presentations, mobile games, map reproductions, weather maps, descriptions of hotel ressorts, sports and recreational facility, construction and traffic planning and much more.


System requirements and versions

The 3D Map Generator plugins do not depend on any language version and are compatible with Photoshop installations on both Mac and PC.

The 3D Map Generator 2 can also be used as an action set from Photoshop CS4 upwards. The 3D Map Generator 2 plugin with all features is available from Photoshop CS6 and higher and together with 3D Map Generator GEO from Photoshop CC 2014.



All basic descriptions of functions and installations are available as PDF guides and video tutorials.

Of course we will help you as well with personal support. Please note that it is important to send the request via our envato shop site.



As the pioneers of the 3D Map Generator we guarantee best products. The described functions and the Photoshop and system compatibilities are tested several times and affirmed by consistently positive customer feedback (4,9/5 stars). We offer every product update for free.

All details and purchase options can be found on our envato homepage.