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Tutorials for the 3D Map Generator – Terrain

How to create an individual 3D typography

Basic Tutorial 7:37 min

This tutorial shows how to create an individual 3D Typography from a flat text layer. With a simple gradient you can determine the 3D shape itself. Just rename the text layer in „shape“. Of course, other gradients and grayscale height maps can also be applied to the text level. Try it – be creative. There are many opportunities!

How to create a Cross-Section through a volcano

Basic Tutorial 8:53 min

This video tutorial will show you how to illustrate a volcano during an eruption in less than 10 minutes.

What’s new? – Update v1.1

Teaser 4 min

  • New features:
    3D map from an individual shape
  • Map edge color picker tool
  • Guides tool
  • new heightmap brush
  • new texture
  • 12 new icons

From a heightmap and Google Maps to 3D Terrain

Basic tutorial 11:34 min

This video shows how to create a textured 3D Terrain map with the 3d-Map-Generator-Terrain from Heightmapper website and Google Maps. Used shortcuts in this tutorial video:
Take a Screenshot MAC
Take a Screenshot PC

How to empress a road into 3D map

Basic tutorial 2:21 min

This video shows how to draw a road into the surface of your 3D terrain.

Teaser – 3D Map Generator -Terrain

See what’s new 9:30 min

See the worlds first height map 3D terrain generator for Photoshop!